Term Dates






Autumn Term 2019

Spring Term 2020

Summer Term 2020

Term Start

Monday 2 September

Monday 6 January

Monday 20 April

Half Term

28 October - 1 November

17 February - 21 February

25 May - 29 May

Term End

20 December

3 April 

20 July


Inset Days 2019-2020

Monday 2 September

Friday 25 October

Monday 6 January

Monday 1 June

Monday 20 July


Public Holidays 2019-2020


Christmas Day:    25th December
Boxing Day:        26th December
New Year’s Day Holiday:   1st January
Good Friday:        10th April
Easter Monday:       13th April
May Day Bank Holiday:      4th May
Spring Bank Holiday:  25th May
Summer Bank Holiday:    31st August

Times of the School day:

Pupils should assemble in their designated playground at 8:45 am at the latest, but not before 8:40 am.                                          After the school bell has sounded pupils are met in the playground by their class teacher.

The end of the school day is 3:25 pm.