Year 5

The Year 5 teachers are:

  • Mr D Wingrove (Head of Year 5)

  • Mr R Hanmore

  • Mrs E Wilson

  • Mrs A Hanmore

  • Miss L Lawrence

  • Miss L Neale

Pupils will also be supported in all areas of the curriculum by the teaching assistants in the year group.


In Year 5 we provide regular homework in Mathematics and English as well as tasks linked to the current project.

·     Mathematics:   set on Monday,  due in Friday

·     English:               set on Tuesday, due in the following Tuesday

Homework will be recorded in the home school diary. Please help your child to plan their homework and provide a suitable place for them to complete it.

Alchemy Island

We are really proud of the hard work Year 5 have put into our current topic, Alchemy Island.  Below are just a few photos of the great work Year 5 have produced.