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Our Staff

January 2024: 


Here is a list of all our teaching and support staff:


Headteacher: Mrs A Sinclair

Acting Deputy Headteacher: Miss E Black 

Acting Assistant Headteacher: Mr C Monk

SENCO: Mrs C O'Connor


Year 3

Miss J Bertenshaw (Year Leader)

Mrs M Evans

Mrs G Furbank

Miss L Neale


Year 4

Miss N O'Malley (Year Leader)

Mrs D Beadle

Mrs M Collins

Mrs A Hanmore

Ms C Steel

Mr D Wingrove



Year 5

Mrs S Lewis (Year Leader)

Mr R Hanmore

Ms L Haywood

Mrs L Larkin

Mrs G Sonnenschein



Year 6

Mrs R Homer (Co-Year Leader)

Mrs L Seddon (Co-Year Leader)

Miss J Bugh

Mrs R Sullivan


Other Teaching Staff:

Miss R Davies (PE)

Mr K Jackson (PE)



Teaching Assistants:

Mrs S Athar, Mrs R Begum, Mrs J Bissell,  Mrs K Clarke, Ms J Fricker, Miss S Gamlin,  Mrs E Gale, Mrs A Geary,   Mrs N Hanga,  Miss A Hansen, Mr D Macare, Mrs A Miraglia, Mrs B Moore, Mrs L Preston, Mrs K Rigler, Mr L Sewell,  Mrs S Sheppard,              Mrs A Tollerfield 



Other Support Staff:

School Operations Manager:  Mrs M Heckford

Administrative Assistants: Mrs C Ball, Mrs R Cameron, Mrs H Porter

Finance Assistant:  Mrs R Churchill

IT Technician: Mr I Gamlin

Reprographics: Mrs K Rigler

Librarian: Mrs J Hansen

Community Development Officer and DSL: Mrs K Gillingham

Pastoral Care Assistant:  Mrs M Conba 

Site Manager: Mr P Thompson

Breakfast Club Supervisors:   Mrs D Cobb, Mrs A Courage, Mrs E Gale

Oakleys: Mrs B Moore (Supervisor), Mrs L Preston

Midday Supervisors:  Mrs B Moore, Mrs L Moore, Mrs A Courage, Mrs H Cox, Ms D Mizen,

                                                 Mrs S Reynolds, Ms L Shepherd, Mrs V Rickford 

Cleaning Team:  Miss M Hooper,  Mrs L Moore, Miss A Pilgrim, Mrs A Reeks, Mrs V Rickford

Part of the Coastal Learning Partnership